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The San Antonio Geophysical Society has implemented four changes for 2019 - 2020.  


The industry downturn in 2014 due to surging shale production and resulting low energy prices, has led to less demand for geophysicists.  The current geophysicist population has held SAGS positions multiple times and is aging.  There is also a reluctance of major oil companies in San Antonio to let their scientists volunteer for society positions.  Thus, it has become difficult to find enough volunteers to run the society.  In order to reduce the workload and number of officers needed, the SAGS Board has voted to make the following changes:

SAGS will no longer conduct monthly luncheons. Instead we will have concurrent meetings with South Texas Geological Society (STGS) and provide 2 to 4 speakers for the STGS luncheons. 

SAGS will also strive to provide 1 to 2 geophysical seminars per year.

The First and Second Vice President positions will be combined into one Vice President position.

The Secretary and Treasurer positions will become one Secretary-Treasurer position.

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